Blood + Chrome: Philly 2066

Jawn Oasis Recap

The wife died. Johnny Buck sliced her arm off. She bled out. The kids watched. I tried to save her, but I failed, as I’ve failed her as a husband and provider. Creepy Face Vampire interrupted my bubble bath some hours before he laid the trap. He threatened me, sexually violated me, so I called the Yazuka again for help dealing with him. They failed me again. He kidnapped my wife and children on their way to the airport. The son of a gun wanted me to shoot my wife, but, fortunately, I’m a coward. Local goons aimed snipers at my family. Scully, Johnny, and Wally assisted helped me save my children. Wally learned that this vampire fuck is his uncle. He wants to save him, but he can’t be saved, according to Scully. I don’t know about any of this stuff. I thought a 1922 video I found documented this kind of vampire, but, apparently, it belongs to the German Expressionist school of film. If my grandfather was here, he’d help the helpless, he would’ve found a way to save my family in a tidy, largely blood-free fourth act, but I guess real life’s not a television show, is it. It’s more like a video game…

I don’t remember what happened after she died. Everything melted and blurred. I need to be alone for awhile. I need to find a safe place for my kids.

Help me, Cyborg Mark Twain.



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