Blood + Chrome: Philly 2066

Session 2

Terse Negotiations

//EVO EXEC. DIANE BURWOOD, AUDIO LOG (11:31:05/24-05-2066)

Diane Burwood. May 23rd, 2066. I….

Wait…. Coffee.

Fuck. I need coffee.

Footsteps fading away. Sound of door opening.

Sound of door closing. Footsteps fading in.

Sipping sounds.

That’s better.

Okay, where was I…? Right. Oh!wen.

Oh!wen is proving to be an effective negotiator, despite my initial objections to him being too soft … an objection I still hold, in fact.

But it must be said that he did a fine job negotiating with Mr. Shakes, the representative with the Medicine Men, regarding our recent deal with them. We were unable to record the negotiation between our representative and theirs due to the anti-surveillance technology used on the second floor of Lucky’s, and therefore lack the exact details. But I can assure you the deal has gone through, and Oh!wen plans to meet with the Medicine Men tonight to exchange the six PanaC crates for no less than fifty people—exactly as many crates we were willing to spare. No more, no less. (Though they have to be outfitted with fake trackers now, thanks to a bluff Oh!wen used.)

As Oh!wen was already at Lucky’s, I decided to pass on his next assignment to him: to shadow Wallace Zhang that night and report back.

As you may already know, we highly suspect Mr. Zhang of being REDACTED as well as REDACTED. Though we already have surveillance watching Mr. Zhang, I wanted to see if Oh!wen could pick out anything surveillance might have missed. After all, if vampires can naturally compensate against photography and video recording technology with their whole … blurry thing, then who knows what the hell a REDACTED might be able to do if you got a camera turned on him?

Oh!wen tracked down Mr. Zhang to Chinatown, to some sleazy Triad-owned brothel called Mama Jinu’s. He was picking up a package for one Dominic Palumbo, a Santini big shot.

Well, would you believe me if I said the package wasn’t so much a package as it was some drugged-out junkie girl? Intel tells us Wally is supposed to be a pretty straight-laced guy. Generally keeps his hands clean, despite the crowd he runs with, and seems to be nice enough in person.

But after tonight I’m not so sure. We’ll have to get some more eyes on him.

Oh!wen continued to follow Mr. Zhang down to an augmentation shop run by a man by the name of Ethan Winter. Mr. Winter is former military and holds strongly anti-corporate beliefs, something we need to keep a close eye on. Still, it doesn’t stop him from performing black market augmentations for gangs and other miscreants after his shop’s closed to the rich kids who want cat eyes. So typical: he’ll rage against the machine, even as he suckles from its fat teat. What a blockhead.

Naturally, being an old crank with as much spine as a jellyfish, Mr. Winter didn’t seem to mind giving the “package” Mr. Zhang was lugging around the bunraku implant, so long as it involved cold hard cash.

Though the girl got the implant, Mr. Zhang and the Santini capo seemed to have come to a deal where the girl would work as a snitch for the Santinis rather than be forced to work in one of their meatpuppet parlors for a year, on the condition that if she slips up, it’s right off to the parlors.


Well, if Mr. Zhang isn’t a REDACTED, then he’s clearly a fool. He tries his white knight act with this one girl, and yet he’s still buddy-buddy with the Santinis, who have most definitely pulled this kind of shit time and time before? Absurd.

Of course, it was around this time that Oh!wen failed me, as he was unable to keep his investigation a secret from Mr. Zhang.


Just when I was thinking maybe that Martian isn’t the biggest idiot around….

Regardless, because he did so well earlier that night, I decided to give him another chance—by letting him handle the deal with the Medicine Men himself. He’ll be meeting them on their turf to exchange the goods later this week. He’s apparently bringing some muscle, as well as some vampire girl I don’t have much intel on. (Her name is Margaux Menage, apparently … it must be some kind of pseudonym.) He asked that Ethan Winter fellow to join in, but that augmented buffoon seemed to think it was too beneath him, what with his “principles” and whatnot.

At any rate, it’s a pretty simple assignment … but, knowing Oh!wen, something’s just bound to go wrong.

Sigh. Long sip.

Here’s hoping that little Martian moron doesn’t screw it up….



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