Blood + Chrome: Philly 2066


Things took a turn.

I know it’s been a while since we talked, Rupert. Been a busy couple of days. Seems like things have just been spiraling wildly ever since that little arms deal I drove for a while back.

It was only a matter of time before I got pulled into the family business, I guess. Poppa Zak told me about Benjie, why he was coming after me and my friends. I had to burn the bar down to stop him. And now we’ve got this whole mess with Saewin, Scully’s old-school foe. Took some steps in that direction, got some backup in that respect. Looks like we’re allying with the Anarchs; it looks like Donald, Ginny, and their crew might just be strong enough to stand up against Walter.

In the meantime, the war between the Santinis and the Yakuza hasn’t gone well for anyone. I went to Dom’s ceremony with Johnny B and Oasis in tow, seeing as how we’re all looking for work. Dunno why I thought a mob inauguration would go smoothly, but we wound up staving off an assassination attempt or two. Johnny earned his keep getting the grunts away from Dom, but when I tried to silvertongue the capos, they just filed back out. Still, the fact that we tried to stick our neck out for the new Don made an impression; Dom made me his new Consigliere.

Still haven’t wrapped my fucking mind around that.

Anyway. Johnny trotted off to Germantown to get some work done. Medicine Men were everywhere, of course; didn’t take long before Oasis and I saw a few of them dragging a family out of a house with machetes and a shotgun. So we did the stupid thing and drove into them.

One high speed chase later and we’re cooped up at Oasis’, tending to the boy and his mother. She doesn’t look so good; gray patches and a dulled look in her eye. We’re waiting for word from Johnny; he said something about rats.



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