Don Verona

The new and controversial Santini don.


Dominic Palumbo’s a young and enterprising capo for the Santini family and a godson to Don Vince Santini, to whom he’s very close. He has many friends and supporters within the Santini family, and, because the Don doesn’t have any kids of his own, people suspect he’ll one day take over after Vince.

He’s a nice guy, and he considers himself good friends with Wally Zhang, the owner of Lucky’s. Still, affable as he can be, Dom’s still a hardened criminal and manages many illicit enterprises within Manayunk and Roxoborough, including dealing in drugs and BTL chips as well as managing several Santini bunraku parlors.

Update: After his godfather’s death on the night that war broke out between the Santinis and the Yakuza, Dom is presumed by many in the gang to be the next to take over as the Santini Don.

Update: After a failed attempt on his life, Dominic became coronated as the next Santini don, taking on the name Don Verona in reference to the saint whose picture he burned in his coronation ceremony.

Don Verona

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