Greta Markoe

A Daeva neonate who's caught the eye of Elysium.


Greta Markoe is a former Philly socialite-turned-Kindred. Embraced by Devon, she’s gone on to become quite the rage at Elysium, with her interesting stories, supreme charisma, and graceful presence. It certainly helps that she’s the descendant of one Abraham Markoe, making her practically Philadelphia royalty.

That said, there have been some less than savory rumors floating around her, mostly concerning her relationship with the Prince, whom Greta has apparently been seen with outside of Elysium. It could all just be rudderless whispers in the night … or, like many rumors among the Kindred, there could be a grain of truth in them.

Regardless, the Seneschal’s been keeping a close eye on her—the best he can do, seeing as the Prince has all but ignored his advice to keep Greta at a distance.

Greta Markoe

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