Oasis's Family

Oasis's loving family.


Joanna is Oasis’s wife. Though the two have shared a close and loving relationship, ever since Oasis’s firing from Viva, their marriage has become rocky and unstable, largely due to her husband’s obsession with exposing Ares’s evil plans to destroy City Hall.

UPDATE: Joanna was killed by Johnny Buck after he was tricked by an obfuscated Benjie Guan.

Little Tyler is Oasis’s son. Ever since his family has had to cut down on their former luxuries after Oasis was fired from Viva, he’s become increasingly disappointed with his father, a man he formerly looked up to and aspired to be more like.

Shoshanna is Oasis’s daughter. She’s bright, cheerful, and loves her father, her love never wavering even after the family has fallen into hardship.

Oasis's Family

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