Oh!wen Rojelios


Oh!wen was born on Mars in 2038, A citizen of the Evo megacorp. Evo is the first company to have a colony on Mars, and is morphing it to be a sort of Utopia, which a community similar to a very close quartered 1950’s America. Oh!wen was raised by his grandparents, affectionately referred to as his Ah!buelo y Ah!buela.

He was always groomed for a salesperson-y job at the megacorp and was soon sent back to Earth to Facilitate some business in Philly. While taking some leisure time, he meets a tall, older man who seems incredibly charming. Oh!wen succumbs to his swagger, the older man drawn by pure naive isolation of someone who grew up off-world. Unfortunately, that man was a vampire, and Embraces Oh!wen, and branding his chest with the Insignia of the Ventrue Clan over his non beating heart.

Oh!wen had no idea what vampires were, or even that they existed, so he chalks it off to a bad one night stand, and returns to work with what he thinks is the worst hangover of his life. The higher ups at the company know what’s up with him immediately, and force him to become a shadowrunner.

Never trained for combat or stealth, he is learning to use his vampiric abilities and corporate tech to get by, with the help of his famed mentor, Wendy “Fuckin’” Walker. With her voice as his inner monologue, Oh!wen tries every day to overcome his cowardly nature and prove himself in this new community he’s found himself in.

Oh!wen Rojelios

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