Sam "Sweets" McClelland

The Viceroy leader, known for his poor impulse control.


Sam McClelland, known as “Sweets,” is the leader of the Viper Viceroys, known for his bad temper and taste for the sweeter things in life—namely, candy and easy women. He was a former street kid who looked up to a slightly older member of the gang who was put away by Lone Star Security. Now he’s running the Viceroys, who’ve gone from a gang of petty thieves and taggers to serious up-and-comers in the Philadelphia criminal underworld.

He did a brief stint in prison for a mugging gone wrong, where he killed the old man he was trying to rob. Because of this, his forehead’s been tattooed with “POOR IMPULSE CONTROL”—a warning to anyone who might cross him.

Sam "Sweets" McClelland

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