The Saint

A mob hitman who's come to collect his due.


Called the Saint for the distinctive silver cross around his neck, this former shadowrunner now works for Vince Santini, the head of the Santini crime family. Whereas most assassins strike from the shadows, Vince calls the Saint in when he needs to send a message—usually one written in blood and human viscera. He’s not so much a carefully placed dagger than he is a fucking warhammer, there to take care of Vince’s enemies with brutal efficiency.

The Saint seems to have it in for Johnny Buck, as the two apparently share some history … the details of which Johnny has almost entirely forgotten.

UPDATE: Through digging into his memories, Johnny Buck found out that the Saint and his family were murdered by Johnny Buck and a team of shadowrunners … the reasons for which are currently unknown.

The Saint attempted to get revenge numerous times on Johnny Buck. However, on June 1, 2066, during an attempted ambush on Johnny, the augmented Santini hitman was finally killed by Johnny. Though Buck attempted at first to destroy the Saint’s head, he ended up keeping it in order to hack into the dead hitman’s memories.

The Saint

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