Tag: Anarch


  • Kindred sects

    * *Camarilla* — The Camarilla pragmatically believe that the Kindred should hide amongst the human masses, as to secure their survival in the modern nights. For this reason, they've created a vast web of lies and misinformation called the Masquerade to …

  • Donald Freeman

    A Kindred from Chicago with a long and storied past and a member of a nearly extinct clan, Donald Freeman is the leader of the city's Anarchs. Or he was, anyway, until he was staked by [[:catrina | Catrina]] and her followers. Now he's hanging around …

  • Vandal

    A rare member of the largely extinct Brujah clan, the angry riot grrl Vandal is [[:donald-freeman | Donald Freeman's]] childe and a committed member of the Anarch cause.