• Santini crime family — The Santini crime family is by far the most feared and powerful gang of the Philly Sprawl in 2066. With strong ties to Ares Macrotechnology, the Santini family dominates the criminal underworld by having better firepower and better profits than any of the other Philly gangs. They have long been considered far above the rest of the competition, though their recent war with the Yakuza will see if that is truly the case.

The Santini crime family mostly focuses their efforts on their protection rackets, bunraku (meatpuppet) parlors, and dealing and trafficking designer drugs and BTL chips. They have a strong presence all over the city, though they lack much presence in Germantown due to the fiercely territorial Medicine Men. The previous head of the family was Don Vince Santini, who was killed on the night of the outbreak of war between the Santinis and the Yakuza. Dominic Palumbo, a capo and godson to the former Don, is presumed to be the next in line to lead the family.

  • Akiyama-gumi Yakuza — While extremely influential in their home country of Japan, the Akiyama-gumi Yakuza in the Philly Sprawl remain firmly second-in-power to the Santini crime family. The Yakuza are still a powerful and respected organization within the Philadelphia underworld, though whether or not they will stay this way remains to be seen as the war between the Yakuza and the more powerful Santinis rages on. The Yakuza are believed to have a positive relationship with Lone Star Security Services, the Philly Sprawl’s go-to police force, which may possibly turn the tide in their favor during the war.

The Akiyama-gumi Yakuza are mostly involved with arms smuggling, human trafficking (often for bunraku), prostitution, and protection rackets. Though they have a presence all over the city, they are headquartered in Chinatown, though this is contested by the rise of Triads in the area. The current leader of Philadelphia’s Yakuza is Rei Miyamoto.

  • The Viper Viceroys — Originally a gang of street kids who banded together in Kensington, the Viper Viceroys are up-and-comers in the Philadelphia underworld. Formed as just the Viceroys, the young gang started off committing petty crimes, such as pickpocketing, tagging, and purse-snatching. However, in the past ten years, as they’ve steadily moved into drug and weapons trafficking, the Viceroys have gradually transformed into a terrifying presence within the city.

The Viper Viceroys primarily deal in drug and weapons trafficking, though some of its members have begun to engage in pimping. Their primary territory is the Kensington Barrens, though they also have a presence in Germantown, where they are at war with the Medicine Men. The leader of the Viper Viceroys is Sam “Sweets” McClelland.

  • The Medicine Men — Though mostly located within the confines of the Germantown and Olney Barrens, the Medicine Men are feared and whispered of through the entire Philly Sprawl due to their savageries, the most infamous of which is their cannibalism. More a highly organized criminal cult than a mere gang, the Medicine Men are both feared and respected by Germantown and Olney’s inhabitants, as it is claimed they possess otherworldly powers. They are known for their medicine murders, where they kidnap and butcher children in order to create muthi, a supposed cure-all potion that is supposed to cure AIDS, an epidemic within the barrens around the city.

The Medicine Men are involved in weapons smuggling and drug dealing, though this is mostly in order to make money to fund their more spiritual aims and so-called “community projects.” They control the Germantown Barrens, though some areas of Germantown are being contested by the Viper Viceroys. Likewise, they control the Olney Barrens, where they hold absolute control. Their leader is known by many names, though he calls himself Cygnus Vismund Cygnus.

  • Satan’s Sons and Harlots — Also known as simply “the Sons and Harlots,” Satan’s Sons and Harlots are known primarily for their white supremacist views. Formed in response to the refugees who arrived in Philadelphia from New York City, most of whom were ethnic minorities, the Sons and Harlots make no bones about why they exist: to wage war on the “interlopers” that are supposedly “threatening” white communities and white families.

Satan’s Sons and Harlots are greatly involved with dealing and trafficking drugs (usually meth or heroin) and BTL chips, as well as prostitution and arms smuggling. Their presence is greatest in Roxborough, Tacony, and Fishtown. Their leader is Max “Max Hard-on” Hardwell, though his recent sickness means that his son Johnny “Triple Six” Hardwell is running things for now as the acting boss.

  • War Dragon Triads — Often known as just the Triads, the War Dragons are a triad gang based locally in Philadelphia. Though they maintain close ties with other triad organizations all over the world, the War Dragons are the triads in charge of the Philly Sprawl. Though they had many years ago been forced out of Chinatown by the Yakuza, they have recently began to retake some of their territories, causing the area to become contested between the two gangs.

The Triads deal in drugs and BTL chips, weapons and arms smuggling, whorehouses (of both the ordinary and bunraku variety), among a myriad of other criminal activities. They have begun to reestablish themselves in Chinatown, though have also been expanding elsewhere. They are led by the mysterious Shi Mu Wei.


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