Blood + Chrome

Philly 2066

The year is 2066. The daytime sky is the color of a television tuned to a dead channel. The night somehow feels more alive, with all the neon and holographic projections lighting up the Philly skyline.

Still, the human masses move like diseased cells through the city’s steel bones and glass skin. And, when they’re not doing that—heading off to their corporate jobs or trying to drink, eat, or fuck the pain away—they’re at war. You reach a bad part of town, and the bullets start to fly, and blood stains the pavement of every barren sidewalk. Even beneath the shimmering sights of the City of Brotherly Love, love is only part-time around here.

And the megacorps that run the world, they’re at war just like everyone else. If not in the board rooms with weaponized words, then in the shadows with real weapons.

Real chrome. Real steel. Real blood.

But, hey, people are people. They get by, or try to anyway. Because that’s all you can do. Even if there are monsters in suits who run the racket and monsters with fangs skulking in the shadows—and sometimes these monsters are the same fuckin’ people—the only thing a brother or sister can do is keep on keeping on in this World of Darkness.