Blood + Chrome: Philly 2066

Dear Diary, I need a hot, hot shower.

Walter Wynne is a nasty bitch.

Dear Diary,

Time for some deep introspection. I haven’t used a diary in centuries, but I think after recent events it is wise to keep a log. Evidently I need reminders. Walter Wynne is NOT my BFF. Walter Wynne is a sick, little bitch. He’s the meanest of the mean girls. He’s Regina if fucking Regina morphed into a hideous monster and used the flesh of children to create the perfect feng shui for her bedroom. I need to wash these images out of my eyes. Where did I leave that acid?

I’ll back up. You need to know what’s what, Mister Diary. Sweet Mister Diary. Please take all my thoughts and keep them safe and remind me who my BFFs are in the future. I don’t want to be confused again.

It all started with Wesley telling me to reach out to Walter Wynne. He said Wynne wanted my help keeping an eye on Scully. Now, I had no intention of actually giving up Scully to Wynne, but I was going to milk this direct line to the powerful man as much as I could. Johnny and Scully both have their reasons for wanting to take down Walter Wynne. If I could help them, and fill any void that Walter leaves behind, then we’ll all be smiling cats. We fucking underestimated him though. He invited us to a party at his dope ass place, and to make a long story short I may have been dominated by him, shown his collection of human furniture, given up Oasis’ children so Walter should use their flesh, and aided him in hunting down my friends. You know, no biggie.. no biggie.. Just a minor boo boo. I like to Dominate fools. I do not like becoming the Dominated Fool. I was convinced he was my best friend, that he was the most majestic, charismatic, powerful friend a girl could have. All I wanted to do was please him. I was about to help him completely destroy the Camarilla and expose the Kindred to the human race so we could take our place as their masters. As appealing as that sounds in theory… I find it a bit distasteful, to put it mildly. Luckily, a Mr. Freeman came to my establishment and cleared my head and heart of Walter Wynne. That Freeman sure is a great guy. The greatest guy. He’s amazing. So whimsical. So fun. Hah! Oh, Donald.

Anyway, now I know what Walter Wynne and his associate Constantine are planning, and they don’t know that I am free of Wynne’s Dominate. They’re expecting me to keep Lonestar Security from crashing their embracing party at King of Prussia. I need to inform the Prince, ASAP. Walter Wynne is powerful, but is he more powerful than all the Camarilla?

Please keep me sane Mr. Diary.






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