Esteban Mustang Rojas

Scully's lost love whom he's tracked down to Philly.


(Abbreviated from Scully’s profile)

It was roughly two years ago, in 2064, Los Angeles, that Scully first met Esteban.

Esteban Rojas was only eighteen years old, a vagrant musician; orphaned and poor as dirt, but with a seemingly irrepressible spirit. He wasn’t just lovely to look at. He was generous and sensitive, and sanguine, and fell deeply, sincerely in love with everyone he met. Scully was only one of the many.

Though Scully knew he could never possess Esteban, he felt a desperate yearning to protect the young man from a world that would surely conspire to devour someone of his trusting and vulnerable temperament. So he followed and watched over Esteban, intervening whenever he perceived dangers to his young friend. The two eventually became intimate and started to travel together, though by mutual agreement they continued to have other lovers, and Esteban repeatedly expressed his worry that Scully was “too in love” with him. Esteban loved Scully, but he wasn’t interested in an exclusive relationship. Scully, as a masculine man, wasn’t even his “type,” he claimed—although there was an undeniable magnetism between them.

The defining moment of Scully’s life in the modern era came about a year later, in 2065, when, for a fateful moment, he wavered in his vigil—and Esteban was snatched out from under him.

Scully tore up the West Coast sprawl searching for his friend and lover. The search took months—and, by then, the damage had been done. Esteban, Scully learned, had been captured by human traffickers and sold into prostitution. The vampire finally found his friend, battered, diseased, and all but starved, in a sleazy brothel in Nevada.

Scully whisked Esteban away to a safe place and nursed him back to health, promising he would never let anyone hurt him again. But it wasn’t enough. After months of abuse, Esteban’s spirit was broken. He was now anxious, even suicidal; prone to rages and bouts of self-destructive behavior. Scully patiently stuck by his side, caring for him with never a complaint—even as the change in Esteban drove a wedge ever deeper into their once-intimate friendship.

Finally, one day, Scully woke up to a message: Esteban had gone, and he wasn’t coming back. “All you do is take care of me, Scully,” he’d written. “And all I do is hurt you. You deserve better.”

Once more Scully found himself combing every last darkened corner of the sprawl for his friend … but he could find neither hide nor hair. He journeyed to every city they’d ever visited together, inquiring at all of Esteban’s old favorite haunts, but found no trace.

… Until a month ago, when a rumor reached Scully’s ears … that Esteban had taken the bunraku implant, and was last seen in Philadelphia.

UPDATE: Scully’s rival, Walter Wynne, a.k.a. Saewin, has seemingly turned Esteban into a horrible flesh sculpture. Though the young man still lives, he will continue to be in horrific agony so long as Walter Wynne still holds him.

Esteban Mustang Rojas

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