Walter Wynne

An elder Kindred and Renraku executive.


Walter Wynne is a high-ranking executive for Renraku Computer Systems and is president of their entertainment subsidiary Adams-Westlake Mediaworks. He’s a renowned simsense producer, having been responsible for the very grisly yet popular Run series, which depicts young men and women in haunted houses fleeing from supernatural forces.

Behind the curtain, however, Walter Wynne is actually a centuries-old Kindred who wields considerable power within the Philly Sprawl. He’s come under fire from some within the Camarilla due to the nature of his simsense productions, which very often skirt the very edges of the Masquerade. Prince Catrina in particular does not favor Walter, though his legion of supporters have kept him firmly rooted within the nocturnal power structure of the city, and so she’s thus far stayed her hand and tongue.

Walter is also Oh!wen’s sire.

Scully—who knows Wynne by his true name, Saewin—and Walter go way back as the two have shared a centuries-long, bitter rivalry….

Walter Wynne

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