Kindred sects

  • Camarilla — The Camarilla pragmatically believe that the Kindred should hide amongst the human masses, as to secure their survival in the modern nights. For this reason, they’ve created a vast web of lies and misinformation called the Masquerade to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist. The Camarilla strongly upholds the Traditions, fundamental laws of Kindred society that have been passed down through time ever since the Camarilla’s formation in Ancient Rome.

The Kindred population of the Philly Sprawl is governed by the Camarilla, and all vampires who live in Philadelphia are considered Camarilla members by default. The Camarilla Prince of the city is Catrina.

  • Anarch Movement — Anarchs are those vampires who reject the status quo of Kindred society, and the Anarch Movement is what happens when those guys get together. The loosely-organized Anarchs don’t necessarily disagree with the Masquerade or even the Camarilla’s Traditions, but they reject the Camarilla’s feudal system in favor of something more egalitarian. Despite their name, most Anarchs are not anarchists (though some are), but rather they wish to bring democracy and equality to Kindred society.

The Anarchs were originally responsible for the coup that put the current Camarilla Prince Catrina in power, a move they’ve come to regret as Catrina has steadily grown into an iron-fisted tyrant. Because of her fear of another coup, the Anarchs are subject to an ongoing blood hunt by the Camarilla. The Philadelphia Anarch Movement’s leader, Donald Freeman, has been staked and is being held by the Camarilla.

  • Sabbat — The Sabbat are a loose and heretical organization of Kindred who reject the Traditions and the Masquerade. As they believe they are the bringers of Gehenna and the armies of Caine, a figure whom they worship as the first Kindred, they wage a continual war on the Camarilla, who consider the Sabbat their greatest enemies. The only reason they lack greater power within greater Kindred society is their general lack of proper organization, though some city-states such as Chicago largely operate under Sabbat control. Because they reject the Masquerade, the megacorps are generally opposed to the Sabbat.

Officially speaking, there is no Sabbat presence within Philadelphia, though there are whispers of Sabbat infiltrators among Camarilla ranks.

  • Assamites — Commonly believed to be a sect consisting of assassins and diablerists, in truth the Assamites are guardians, holy warriors, and scholars who have largely distanced themselves from the politicking of greater Kindred society in order to pursue spiritual truth. The Assamites are a largely religious sect, with the majority of Assamite Kindred being Muslim, though an odd few Christians and Jewish Kindred can be found amongst the Assamite ranks.

The few Assamites of Philadelphia largely keep to themselves, though they do have a representative amongst the Camarilla in order to foster good relations with the rulers of the city’s Kindred. The Philly Sprawl’s Assamites are led by Aisha.

Kindred sects

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