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Chapter 1: Aluminum & Ash

Blood + Chrome is a World of Darkness game that begins against the backdrop of a cyberpunk Philadelphia. In the year 2066, megacorps run society, gangs run amok in the streets, and literal monsters lurk in the shadows. As humankind is slowly crushed beneath the weight of these horrors both mundane and fantastical, this game will explore the lives of some of Philadelphia’s denizens both mortal and undead as they attempt to survive the bleeding chrome edge of 2066 Philadelphia.

A Darker Philadelphia

Violent. Avaricious. Lit up with neon and chrome. Our game is set in Philadelphia in the year 2066. What was once the City of Brotherly Love is now a decaying city-state being slowly crushed beneath the weight of megacorps and crime in the latter half of the 21st century.

How did this fucked-up Philly come to be? Well, here’s some brief history, for starters.


In 2066, all but the smallest corporations have gone global, owning multiple subsidiaries and divisions around the world. Even the most powerful nation-states can’t compete with the political, economic, and military might of the megacorps.

Read more about the megacorps here.


The world in 2066 has largely remained unaware of the existence of vampires. Kindred society has adapted to the times as it has throughout history, though now the Kindred must contend with the existence of the megacorps, bigger and even deadlier predators than they are. The executive management of the seven AAA-rated megacorps know all about the Kindred—and they aren’t afraid to solicit the services of the dead when a job needs doing.

Read more about Kindred sects within the Philly Sprawl here.


High racial tension, widening class divisions, and a rapidly disappearing middle class have led to great social instability within the Philly Sprawl, leading to the rise of powerful gangs in the city-state. The most widespread and influential of these is the Santini crime family, which holds influence over much of Philadelphia, though some neighborhoods remain exclusively controlled by other powerful gangs.

Read more about Philly gangs here.

Districts & Neighborhoods

Though the Philly Sprawl is divided into eleven distinct districts, the quality of life in Philadelphia varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, block to block. For instance, old money runs in West Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill, the both of which are some of the safest neighborhoods in the whole city. However, only a few blocks away are the Germantown Barrens, treacherous and overpopulated barrens run by one of the most dangerous gangs in the city. Philadelphia is considered one of the most dangerous and destabilized city-states in North America, but you might not even feel like it if you’re staying in a ritzy penthouse in Rittenhouse Square.

Read more about Philadelphia’s eleven districts and their most notable neighborhoods here.

House Rules

We have house rules to adjust the World of Darkness system, normally set in the modern day, to the cyberpunk setting of our game. This includes stuff like augmentation rules, clarification/modification to Morality rules, new Merits, modifications to current Merits, etc. Check them out here.

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